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This site is intended to be a resource for those interested in the collection of locks. You will find images here of a sampling of locks which can be found at your local flea market, yard sales or right here on the web. Images are near full size if you set your screen to 640 pixels wide. Locks are categorized in these pages by operation type or a specific construction category. The categories are listed below.

You will find pricing information near each lock image. This price is what a similar lock sold for recently on one of the online auction services, a lock collector show or what it is priced for sale right here. Items for sale will have the price shown in RED. Items for sale will be added as I get time to unpack and photograph them. More items from other places will be added as I get time so check back often. The illustration below gives an example of the information arrangement. If you are interested in buying a lock, please note the item listing number and request purchase information via E-mail. Please note that if the price is not in red...the item isn't for sale here, you will have to find one elsewhere. Hope you find the site interesting and useful.


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